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CANNULAS MAGIC NEEDLE 30G 27mm + Pilot 27G 13mm

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Recommended for high viscosity fillers.
Eyebrows / temporal region, Cheekbones, Oval face, Valley of tears, Cheeks, Chin, Volume (body / face), Arms / legs, Hands, Cleavage


New technics
the patients are more serene

1 injection point
Allows treatment of a larger injection area

Homogeneous distribution
Allows better penetration of the product under the skin

No social eviction
Reductions in unwanted side effects

Non-invasive procedure
The flexibility and the foam tip make the procedure almost painless

Injection control
Different gauges and lengths allow you to adapt the injection technique

Single injection site speeds up treatment of a larger area

No tissue lysis
The rounded tip greatly reduces the risk of intravascular injection

No shedding in the dermis
This technique allows control of the injection level


The products sold on our website are parapharmaceutical products. They are sold freely but they must be used by a specialist.


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CANNULAS MAGIC NEEDLE 30G 27mm + Pilot 27G 13mm

CANNULAS MAGIC NEEDLE 30G 27mm + Pilot 27G 13mm

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